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Social and Environmental Audits, Indices and Indicators

Audits, Indices, and Indicators Foster Greater Responsibility

Attention to social and environmental responsibility slowly moves companies and organizations up the spectrum of ever more interest and concern about responsibility.  How well thousands, perhaps millions, of individual companies and organizations are doing periodically must be audited.  The resulting information must be accurate and made public so that consumers and taxpayers can reward or encourage the better performers in this long term process.  Making the whole society more socially and environmentally responsible as fast as possible, will help to achieve sustainable development and to protect our species. 

Quality of Life Indicators 

Indicators of the conditions that most affect the quality of our lives must be studied and analyzed regularly.  Such indicators include the most enlightening and reliable statistics, tables and expert narratives that show the basic patterns and national trends.  Links between indicators and in-depth analyses help guide individuals and groups on how values and statistics are changing.  At least a dozen indicators on Energy, Environment, Security, Infrastructure, Health, Human Rights, as well as other areas are necessary and included in the Calvert Henderson Quality of Life Indicators pioneered in 2000 by Hazel Henderson, developed with the Calvert Group of socially-responsible mutual funds and updated regularly at www.Calvert-Henderson.com/foreward .   Such systems approach is necessary, using many disciplinary approaches and many appropriate metrics to reveal important details which cannot be expressed in money terms.