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Overcoming Disruptions on a Rocky Road

Except in the rare occasions when an event occurs that changes the mind set of the whole population, such as the terrorist activity of 9-11-01, or a coup d'etat of such a nature that it favors the innovation, the process is excruciatingly slow.  Often the initiator gives up or burns-out.  The idea may then die.  Sometimes the torch is passed or nabbed by others.  Other younger, more eager, more appropriate, more spiritually mature (or more aggressive or more naive) persons join in.  New faces become the leaders who keep the dream (or another version of it) alive.  Occasionally the leaders sense that they can take a big step forward that will provide a new higher level of financing and support.  Typically major innovations require millions of supporters, and for global innovations perhaps even hundreds of millions, to get the majority support of all those affected.  For a major innovation, that is nearly everyone.  This finally may attract the notice of final key decision makers, usually heads-of-state who can change the political climate or make a law if the innovation requires that.