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Collaborative Interaction


Readers who are interested in, or excited by, the enormous potential of Solutions for creating a better world are offered appreciative compensation personally by Alan F Kay, as follows:


If someone (herein called a Collaborator) sends by email, postal mail, or telephone, a suggestion for an improvement of one or more of the, currently 17, Solutions along the lines of

  1. making the language more understandable and credible

  2. filling in gaps that could make the Solution more compelling or convincing

  3. uncovering flaws in the underlying proposal(s),

  4. providing an alternative method to achieve the same or better outcome that the Solution provides for making a better world, or

  5. perhaps others,

that I accept for inclusion in the website, then


I will pay to the Collaborator the sum of $100 and make clear to all readers of the website the name of the Collaborator, providing the Collaborator provides his/her name and address to which the amount will be sent by check.



Date: October 1, 2006



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