Alan F. Kay Seeking Legislation and Regulations Better for All

Who Am I?


This website is about "ideas" that meet tough standards for making the world a better place.  They were developed over the last 25 years by me and others, including Hazel Henderson, my partner.  Most of them require very imaginative, major actions by governments/corporations/foundations, and in today's weird political climate, are just – well – off the table.

This moribund political climate may last many years.  Here is a better viewpoint for the long haul.  Seeking fair and honest legislation that if enacted would make the world a better place for everybody has in fact long been my main interest.  Power and money are way down on my list.  Lawmakers, heavily beset by lawyers, economists, media, and lobbyists inflict on the American people and the world legislation that reflects their monstrous multiple struggles for power and money.  Much worse than the camel that is the horse designed by a committee, the outcome does not reflect what the American people want when offered a large range of choices.

As of 2007, this website describes 17 such innovative ideas that are presented in these categories:

I Save Democracy,

II Build Peace,

III Evolve Internet,

IV Rejuvenate Capitalism,

V Stop Election Fraud,

VI Reform Incarceration

Pages are accurate as of the date shown in the title, and not updated except in a few cases by an occasional light edit.  When a new approach requires it, a new version of an idea is numbered and entered ahead of the earlier one.  This gives the reader an idea of how the idea has evolved over time.  Sometimes the older version is very detailed and lengthy.  Such versions should be skipped unless the reader wishes to plow through difficult material to understand the historical evolution of the idea.

What should be updated regularly is "Summaries," in the Table of Contents – updated as required by major external events or the availability of new, interesting, and valuable pertinent information.

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